David Ballantyne

David Ballantyne,
Associate Professor,
Associate Chair for Graduate Program

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  Email: david.ballantyne [at] physics.gatech.edu
  Phone: (404) 385-3909
  Fax: (404) 894-9958
  Web: http://ballantyne.gatech.edu/
  Office: 1-90L Boggs Bldg


My research concentrates on topics in high-energy astrophysics with an emphasis on interpreting existing data and making predictions for future observations. My main interests are: (i) the evolution of galaxies and their central supermassive black holes (ii) astroparticle physics and (iii) the physics of accretion disks around both black holes and neutron stars. My work often involves comparing computer based models with published data from X-ray, TeV, radio and/or infrared telescopes. All of these directions are guided by my underlying research philosophy of using any necessary tool or technique, unlimited by wavelength range or physical process, to make progress in understanding the relevant physics. Students working with me will be exposed to a wide range of astrophysical processes and theories, but will also learn to respect and be guided by observational constraints.

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